Don't Make These Poshmark Mistakes!

Don’t Make These Poshmark Mistakes!

You have just launched your Poshmark side gig. Hopefully, one day, you will be able to turn it into something truly lucrative. Maybe it will even become your full-time job. Just imagine the possibilities!

That said, it is going to take a little work to make your Poshmark dreams come true. There is strategy involved; there is also in some ways a science to achieving Poshmark stardom. First and foremost, it is about that closet. How your closet appears, the items you choose to include, and the way in which you utilize your Poshmark closet all factor into how successful (or unsuccessful) you are.

In this article, we take a look at some common mistakes that poshers make as they fill that closet for the first time. Below are some definite Poshmark closet “don’ts.”

Don’t Make These Poshmark Mistakes!

Don’t Use Stock Photos

While in some instances, Poshmark users will post a stock photo of a piece of clothing that they’re listing, in most cases you want to stick to images that you take. Why? This is mainly because when you get a photo off of a retail website, for example, buyers just aren’t sure of what they’re actually getting. In other words, they are not able to see the actual item and its current condition. Most users on the platform will quickly scroll past closet listings that offer only stock photos.

Don’t Overly Filter Your Photos

Hand in hand with avoiding stock images is refraining from overly filtering pictures that you post. When you start adding all types of filters, adjusting color, and playing too heavy-handedly with effects, you are distorting the original image. This again might be a red flag to buyers. What are you trying to cover up? Why are you not just showing the image in its true colors? That is not to say that you can’t crop or make some smaller photo adjustments—just don’t go overboard! (psst. Check out our guide on editing your Poshmark photos for more photo tips!)

Don’t Price at Retail

Poshers are on the platform to find deals. Why would they purchase an item from you if it’s what they could buy it for brand new? You have to assess an item’s value given how old it is, the condition and also look at comparable pieces that are for sale on Poshmark. The worst thing you can do for your closet is to list items priced at what you paid new.

Don’t Neglect to Mention Any Flaws

Honesty is always the best policy—especially on Poshmark. If your item has a small tear or pull,s for example, make note of it in both the item description as well as showing photo evidence of the blemish in question. If you fail to disclose any flaws in a piece of clothing, what will happen is that the buyer will receive the item and be a bit annoyed, to say the least. This generally will result in a negative review as well as a refund. Not a great start to a budding Poshmark career.

Don’t Copy a Listing

Plagiarism is plagiarism regardless of the platform. Taking someone else’s description verbatim is just plain wrong. And it also shows that you’re not willing to put in the time and effort necessary to create a viable Poshmark business. Copying a listing is a quick way to lose users’ trust and consequently ensure that your closet remains stagnant.

Don’t Delay Shipping

When you do get that coveted sale, ship the item ASAP. Just put yourself in a buyer’s shoes. You’ve purchased an item on Poshmark. You’re super excited to receive it, as it may even be a piece for a special occasion. A number of days later and still nothing has arrived. You become frustrated. This is exactly how your buyer will feel if you delay shipping. The faster the better. Get it out in two days or less.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

A “thank you” on the Poshmark platform goes a long way. After all, it is about that community spirit. Good etiquette is therefore important. After they’ve pulled the trigger and made that purchase, inform them of the item status and offer a heartfelt thank you.

Don’t Get Bitter If Poshers Don’t Share Back

Sharing is central to the Poshmark platform. That said, if you tend to share a lot and the users whose listings you’re sharing don’t necessarily share back, don’t hold it against them. Not everyone has the same behavior when it comes to sharing. Sharing should be a kind gesture—without implying an obligation to share back.

You can have a successful Poshmark business. And again, it all starts with your closet. Avoiding some of the more common novice mistakes will ensure that you get your Poshmark hustle off to the right start. Always be honest about your listings and be sure to communicate as needed with potential buyers.

Rounding up

So, there is our short list of common mistakes that beginners (and pro-Poshers!) make. How many have you made? Becoming a professional Posher will undoubtedly cause you to make some mistakes, it is only natural!

Hopefully, our list has helped you become aware of other ‘Don’ts!’ that you should try and avoid. Do you have any tips that you live by or funny stories? Let us know in the comments or via our Facebook page!

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