Reseller Assistant's Black Friday Event 2020

Reseller Assistant’s Black Friday Event 2020

Over $10,000 in prizes available!

It is finally here! Our biggest sale of 2020!

For those who are already on our newsletter list (wait, you aren’t? Join our list at the bottom of this page!) – you know we love to give you great discounts and special events throughout the year, but we’re totally upping the game with our Black Friday Event!

UPDATE: It is live – click here!

Up to 40% discount off plans

Yes, that’s right 40% discount AND we’re giving away $10,000 in prizes over the four day event (Thursday 26th – Sunday 30th November)

Those who get in early – will get the best discount

The quicker you act this year, the bigger the discount you get!

We’re starting with our biggest discount in 2020 on Thursday 26th. A staggering 40% off any of our plans and services!

What’s more, you can stack them! So, if you like our Starter Plan, you can buy 1 or more and they’ll just run consecutively (that is, when one finishes, the next will automatically start) – so fill your boots, stuff your stockings and load up with the biggest discount possible!

But wait! 40% Only runs for one day though!

The 40% discount will start from 10 AM (EST) until Midnight (EST) Thursday 26th and then.. it will decrease.

Thinking of holding out for a better deal? Each day you wait, the lower our discount goes – this is your only warning!

You must use your coupon and complete the sale before midnight each day to get the maximum discount!

How do you win prizes?

Each day we’re giving away prizes for taking part in our event – every order you place gives you an entry into our prize draw automatically – so, order five times on Thursday – that is equal to five entries:

As an example, each day we’re giving away at least ten prizes, here are some example prizes we have for you!

  • UltraPreneur Plan for one year
  • Level 1 Plan for one year
  • Level 2 Plan for one year
  • Level 3 Plan for one year
  • $250 Amazon voucher
  • $50 Netflix voucher

Each day, we’ll list the discount, the coupon code and the prizes available!

..and finally

To kick things off for our event – we’re offering TWENTY Starter Plans for just $1 each – first come first served… there will be a special unique code that we’ll be sending out in our launch email at 10 AM EST THURSDAY!

Get social

Make sure you follow us on our social networks for any updates and special one off deals we may also surprise you with!


The boring bit, sorry.

  • Coupons will change each day – visit our Black Friday page (signposted on the site during the event) to get the latest coupon. You must use that coupon before Midnight (EST) that day or it will not work.
  • Multiple orders per customer are allowed (giving you multiple entries into our prize draw).
  • Winners will be notified by email within 7 days and asked to fill in a prize claim form to collect their prize.
  • Prizes can not be exchanged or equal any cash value with us.
  • You can only win one prize per day, sorry!

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