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eBay Cross-Listing Service Launch

A couple of months ago we ran a survey and we have already rolled out some changes (new subscriptions and billing system firstly!) and now one of our new services is also live – we present to you:

eBay Cross-Listing!

What is that? Read on..

Well, as you know our virtual assistants are amazing at getting your time back on your hands with the sharing services we offer – we now offer the ability to duplicate all your Poshmark listings directly into your eBay account too!

This is not an automated service, your virtual assistant will work out with you the items to be duplicated into your eBay account and then they will log in and list each product individually with care for you!

What is the advantage?

Having your items in front of one audience (Poshmark) is great – but having them in front of two audiences is even better! Not everyone who uses eBay uses Poshmark (and the same the other way around too!) – which means more exposure for your items and more chances of sales!

How does it work?

Easy. You place an order with us for the number of items you want to list on eBay, we then get in touch with you to verify your eBay credentials (and Poshmark Closet) and then your assigned virtual assistant will create all the items in your eBay account for you!

How long does it take?

Generally your items should be setup on eBay in 24-48 hours (after we have sorted out the login credentials and worked out with you what is being listed)

How do I get started?

Just head on over to our eBay Cross-Listing page and pick a plan that suits you – they are all one-off and a virtual assistant will get in touch with you after you have placed your order

Do I need to use all the Listings at once?

No! We will keep track of how many you have used – so if you want to take advantage of one of the higher plans for a better discount, you can. For example, if you have 200 items in your Poshmark Closet currently, you could buy the 500 item plan or the 1000 item plan – we will mark how many you have used for now.

I have some more questions, where do I ask?

Just fill out our contact form and someone will get back to you!

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  1. Very interesting. Will need to think about this. I hate listing on eBay so maybe. Thanks

  2. I already use List Perfectly, but I do not have all of my listings on eBay due to time. How could this benefit me and could my VA use this system too?
    Thank you,

  3. Melody Potter says:

    Some of my items are already Cross posted. Can I choose the ones that I want you to cross post

  4. Melody Potter says:

    Many of my posh Mark items are on eBay as well. Can I pick and choose the ones I want you to list on eBay. And do you do it the other way around can you take eBay listings and list them on posh

  5. Hi, I think this is a good idea. but I have a question how will shipping and shipping costs goes?

  6. sabrina tolbert says:

    Do you also cross list on Mercari?

  7. Detra Hagerman says:

    Interested in how shipping will work and also if I buy the larger plan how long do I have to use all the listings.

  8. I run a lot of bundle sales on Poshmark. For example, kids 5/$25 sale.. and a BOGO buy 1 get 1 50% off sale on $10 items. Can these types of listings from Poshmark closet be listed this way onto eBay? Or, will I need to have them individually priced in eBay?

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