Poshmark Scams: What to look out for

5 Poshmark Scams: What to look out for

Poshmark is a trendy online marketplace for buying and selling used clothing, including high-end brands and designer labels. At first glance, you may be wondering: is Poshmark legit? While this fashion marketplace is legitimate, there are several scams you need to look out for when shopping on Poshmark.

After thoroughly reading Poshmark company policies and scouring the internet for user reviews and analyses of their business practices, we have put together a comprehensive guide on how to stay safe from scammers while shopping on Poshmark.

Bargain designer clothing is a big business where many legitimate vendors sell clothes online, including many Poshmark sellers. Still, the discount used clothing marketplace is vulnerable to counterfeit products and dishonest business practices. 

When compiling the information for this guide, we focused on Poshmark policies and real user experiences to identify the most common scams for which users need to be on the lookout.

Poshmark is an excellent website for bargain hunting and a resource for finding high-end fashion and used clothing at an affordable price. Read on to learn about the scams you need to be aware of when using Poshmark.

Communicating Outside of Poshmark

Many Poshmark scams occur outside of the official marketplace. By getting contact information from users and communicating outside of Poshmark, scammers can circumvent all of the policies and measures that Poshmark has put in place to protect personal information.

If someone selling on Poshmark requests your personal contact information or wants to communicate outside of the site, always say no. Once you leave the Poshmark platform, you will be assuming all of the risks. 

Poshmark doesn’t take legal responsibility for any actions taken off-platform, as well. So you could get into a situation where you lose all your money and can’t get it back. Staying on Poshmark for payment and conversation will keep you safe. 

Untrustworthy Sellers

In some cases, the Poshmark seller is simply unreliable. Before doing business with anyone on Poshmark, be sure to double-check their account and history with the website. 

Bad Reviews

Never buy a product from a vendor without checking the reviews. Verify that the person selling on Poshmark has had an account for a reasonable period and that they have plenty of positive reviews from other Poshmark users.

If the seller has a lot of negative Poshmark reviews, you will probably want to avoid doing business with them. If the seller is new to the selling platform and does not have any buyer reviews, you will be rolling the dice by purchasing from them.

Lack of Responses

It is also a good idea to confirm the account legitimacy by sending them a message on Poshmark. Sending the seller a message and making sure you receive a reply is a great way to verify that the account is authentic and active. The last thing you want to do is buy from a dead account.

Fake Items

Like any marketplace for bargain fashion, some of the products on Poshmark are fakes. Officially, Poshmark has a strict policy against counterfeit items, and anyone that lists fake items is in severe violation of the terms and conditions.

Despite the company policy, scammers will still try to get away with selling counterfeit goods on the e-commerce platform.

How to Tell if an Item Is Fake on Poshmark

Marketplaces for independent sellers will not be as standardized or predictable as regular stores, so when shopping online on websites like Poshmark, you need to look closely at the product images and descriptions to ensure that you know what you are buying.

As a buyer, you should thoroughly examine any product that you are interested in purchasing. Even when dealing with a legitimate seller, you should check all the product details to confirm the item is what you want. 

When determining if someone is trying to sell you a fake item, here are some helpful signs for which you should look.

Brand New and Cheap

There is no reason why a vendor would sell a brand new designer clothing item for a significantly low price. Yes, Poshmark has good deals, but sometimes it is too good to be true.

If you feel like the pricing does not make sense, check out the seller account. Scammers often have large quantities of new designer products available all at once. In addition, these types of scam accounts are frequently new accounts with no customer reviews.

Check the Brand Listing

Another helpful tip is to keep an eye out for product listings that don’t match the sold product. This scam is especially prevalent regarding the brand of the used clothing, shoe, or accessory item that is on sale.

For instance, if a listing says “Kate Spade earrings,” but when you look at the product image, it’s a different brand, or the seller has tagged the item under multiple brands, that’s a significant trouble sign. Another bad sign is if the mislabeled items have extremely low prices that don’t make sense.

Generally, you should only engage with sellers who have accurate and consistent product listings that honestly represent the item being sold.

Counterfeit or Sloppy Design 

To identify a fake, look at the quality of the construction and the appearance of the label. It is probably a fake if the stitching is sloppy and uneven, or the fabric content seems wrong. 

Along the same lines, if the designer label looks strange or has a detail missing, this is another big sign that the item is a counterfeit. If you think an item is fake, contact Poshmark customer service right away to alert them of the scam.

Damaged Goods

Receiving damaged goods is one of the most common issues you’ll find on Poshmark, and it can cause problems for both buyers and sellers. 

Receiving Damaged Goods

From the buyer’s perspective, you may purchase a particular item and then receive something that is either completely different from what was described or significantly damaged.

In this case, you must go through Poshmark’s customer service and share photos supporting your claim as a buyer. They will then process the claim, and the company will determine if reimbursement is appropriate.

False Claims of Damaged Goods

Some scammers will buy an item and then falsely claim that they’ve received damaged goods or the incorrect product. From a sellers’ perspective, this type of scam can become a significant headache. 

When buyers file a claim, the vendor is always contacted, and you will then have to prove that the buyer/scammer is lying.

Always Take Photos 

In either case, the most important thing to do is to document everything. As a vendor, always photograph products before you ship them if you need to prove that you did indeed send the correct product in good condition. 

As a buyer, photograph any incorrect and damaged products so that you can compare them with the image that the vendor had posted online.

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Payment Scams

Online marketplaces like Poshmark can also be a popular target for payment scams.

One of the most common types is cashier’s checks. Buyers will use fraudulent checks to purchase items, and the check will bounce when the vendor tries to process their payment.

Of course, fake or bad checks can be easily avoided by only using Poshmark to conduct all of your transactions. By sticking to the official Poshmark platform, sellers can be protected from any type of payment scam.


It’s worth repeating: do not interact with sellers outside of the Poshmark platform. If a seller says they want to conduct the transaction outside of Poshmark, such as via CashApp or Venmo, it’s a major red flag.

By sending money to a vendor without using Poshmark’s payment system, you will have no recourse if the seller has been dishonest and you want a refund. Additionally, using an outside transaction service will increase your exposure to having your personal and financial information stolen.

So when a seller asks to be sent money on CashApp or elsewhere, say “no thanks” and move on to another vendor.

Stolen Information

On Poshmark, there is no reason why a seller would need your email address, phone number, or any other personal details about yourself. If a seller tries to ask you for any of that kind of information, then be on alert. 

The seller should already have your shipping details (which can always be a P.O. box if you want further protection), and they do not need your payment information, which is kept private by the Poshmark website.

Furthermore, the internal Poshmark messaging system should be sufficient for communicating any relevant information about the product to the buyer, so personal contact information is never necessary.

How to Protect Your Information

When it comes to protecting your personal information on Poshmark, be sure to use the same street smarts you would use anywhere else on the internet.

You aren’t required to use your real name as a username, and you can be as selective as you want about what information you include in your profile. However, a critical piece of information that sellers will inherently need access to is your mailing address.

Sellers will need your address to ship your purchase to you. This process is similar to many other e-commerce websites that support independent businesses, such as Etsy or eBay.

If you are uncomfortable having your home address freely available to any vendor you order from, it may be a good idea to invest in a personal post office box. This is an easy and accessible way to use online marketplaces while keeping your most important information private.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of essential factors to consider when deciding whether Poshmark is the best e-commerce platform for you. We’ve compiled answers to some of the most pressing questions readers might have about using Poshmark. 

Is it safe to order from Poshmark?

So, is Poshmark safe? Overall, yes. The Poshmark company and e-commerce website is a legitimate business where buyers and sellers can share used clothing online. Genuine products are being sold through the website, and sellers can be paid through direct deposit, but there can also be some risk involved.

In terms of financial privacy, buyers can feel safe and comfortable giving Poshmark their payment information. Poshmark handles processing payments and, therefore, never gives your payment information to the vendor.

In addition, Poshmark uses one of the top payment processors and is compliant with all government regulations.

Is it possible to get scammed on Poshmark?

Both buyers and sellers can get scammed when using Poshmark. Shopping online from an independent business always has risks, and there is a lot of money to be made by running a scam through a discount fashion marketplace.

However, Poshmark users can protect themselves from scams by remaining vigilant and following Poshmark’s official policies. 

How do you know if a Poshmark Seller is scamming you?

There are several red flags to be aware of when engaging with a vendor from a buyer’s perspective. Luckily, if you are a savvy shopper, you can quickly identify problems and avoid sellers trying to scam you.

The most common problems to look for include:

– Brand new seller accounts with no reviews 
– Mislabeled product listings
– Unrealistically cheap items 

Naturally, if a seller tries to take business outside of the platform or asks for personal information, this is also a significant trouble sign.

Does Poshmark have buyer protection?

Yes, Poshmark has a buyer protection policy that essentially covers any potential scams or adverse incidents that could take place via the platform.

Remember, you can only get your refund if the payment was processed through Poshmark, not an outside app.

Some of the situations that the refund policy covers include:
– Fake items 
– Undisclosed damage
– False advertising 

However, issues like changing your mind or getting the wrong size do not qualify for a refund.

Final Thoughts

Online shopping can be a tricky business, so it’s essential to be a thoughtful and careful buyer. Now that you know the most prevalent scams on the website, you can safely use Poshmark to save money and find great deals on designer clothes. Happy shopping!

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  1. Brendon Hill says:

    Negative reviews? Last I knew, it wasn’t possible for other members to see less than 5 star reviews on Poshmark.
    Also, the newest Poshmark scam is photoshopping the mailing label to change the buyer’s address, then sending an empty box or mailer to an invalid address. The seller gets paid anyway when the tracking number shows the item as having been delivered, even though the buyer never gets it. And Poshmark doesn’t seem to have caught on to this yet even though it’s being reported in both Facebook groups and on Reddit.

    1. This just happened to me.. My post office found the empty package, flat as a pancake, unopened, with MY tracking number, someone else’s name and address. I’m afraid this is gonna have me no longer purchasing through Poshmark. I hope they resolve this…

  2. Regard “Bad Reviews”
    unfortunately, if someone leaves a bad review on posh, it does not show up for the general public to read. Unless of course if they leave a 5 star review, but put the comment as a negative. that is the only way it would show up.

  3. On Poshmark only positive 5 star reviews are visible to potential buyers. Negative reviews can only be seen by the seller of an item; therefore, scrutinizing negative reviews isn’t possible. What a buyer should look for is ample positive feedback in relation to how many items are in the closet and how many items have been sold.

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