Top Tips for Increasing Poshmark Sales

Top Tips for Increasing Poshmark Sales

The new year is well underway. How is your Poshmark business faring so far? Are sales sluggish? Have the likes and shares dropped off? Every posher is prone to experience a slump now and again, but there are things you can do to pick yourself (and your business) back up and get those sales numbers skyrocketing.

While some of these tips may sound like common sense, you’d be surprised at how many Poshmark sellers tend to forget the “basics.” It’s about establishing a reselling game plan and sticking to that plan. Things such as photo quality, how vivid your descriptions are, and even what you include with your packaging can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to Poshmark, the details really do matter!  

If you look at the success stories connected to the platform, you will see a common theme: they were consistent, they persevered even when things seemed slow, and they ultimately used strategy to help boost their Poshmark business. You can certainly do the same. Below are four tips and strategies for poshers, be it newbies or seasoned vets, that can help you to sell more of your listings!

Top Tips for Increasing Poshmark Sales

Tip #1: Speed Counts

Of course, we’re not saying to rush through your listings just for the sake of getting them into your closet. However, offering timely items and doing so regularly is important to growing your Poshmark endeavor.

This is where the use of templates can really come into play! Once you’ve created that perfect listing, remember what went into it. Very much like baking the perfect cake, there are steps and ingredients that ensure the finished product is irresistible. The same is true of your Poshmark listing. The ideal template should consist of:

  • Filters that have worked well for you in the past
  • A lighting setup that highlights your clothes and accessories optimally
  • A description template that can be altered to accommodate various items but that has a go-to message

Try and pick a time each week when you say to yourself, I am going to post X amount of items on this day and then be sure to stick to it. Speed and consistency do count on the Poshmark platform.

Tip #2: Establish that Brand

If indeed you want to make this an actual business, you are eventually going to have to build a brand. So why not start now? What exactly is a brand? Simply put, it is how buyers will come to recognize who you are, what type of clothing you represent, and what value you bring to the table.

Brand components vary from seller to seller, but some central elements of any brand include:

  • Established color scheme
  • A logo symbolizing your reselling business
  • Messaging that reflects your vision for your Poshmark company
  • A theme or style that carries through most of your listings

A brand is going to be so essential to any posher looking to create an actual business that might one day prove a full-time gig.

Tip #3: Revisit Your Pricing

Perhaps the one area where many Poshmark sellers fall short (especially newer sellers) is when it comes to establishing their pricing. Pricing too high is going to turn users away, too low and you really aren’t doing anything for your bottom line—this is a business after all! So how do you know where your pricing should be for your various listings?

There are a few things you can do to help ensure you are pricing your items right:

  • Look at similar items being listed on the Poshmark platform and follow their lead.
  • Check the retail price; remember, you don’t want to list it at retail, you just want a point of reference so you know where your resold item should fall.
  • Check out other marketplaces as well to see if you can find similar listings.

In some ways, pricing can be the “make or break” for your business—you absolutely want to get this right!

Tip #4: Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

With any sales related business, the customer experience should always be front and center. Offer a negative experience and not only will you not get that customer back, but they are likely to leave a scathing review which will definitely impact your brand. So to this end, what can you do to help your customers feel satisfied with their overall experience…

  • Make sure you communicate. If there is any hiccup or anything of that nature, keep your buyer informed at all times.
  • You might include a special “gift” with their item—people love free stuff!
  • Ship quickly and carefully. Show the customer that you have spent time ensuring that packaging is perfect. And get those items shipped ASAP.

Even if sales are somewhat slow, there is hope! Start implementing these tips, start thinking strategically and you can make your Poshmark dreams a reality!

Rounding Up

Those are our four quick tips for increasing your Poshmark Sales – all pretty quickly – longterm you will probably want to look at other options like expanding the range of items you are selling, maybe branching out into other markets within Poshmark or offering low and high end versions of your items – that way allowing people with different budgets to still shop with you.

Do you have a set of tips you live by to help increase your Poshmark sales? Let us know some in the comments below or over on our Instagram page!

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