Boxes by RA

Boxes by RA

Sick and tired of searching for wholesale boxes?

Do you find it hard to source items?

  • Can’t find the time to get to The Bins?
  • Who wants to be around people right now anyway??
  • Constantly out and about looking for bargains?
  • Running out of things to sell frequently?

Reseller Assistant has once again, got you covered!

Our reseller boxes are curated with selling in mind!

Each truckload we get will NOT be cherry picked, you get what WE get!

Here is an example of what our boxes will contain:

  • Women’s apparel, intimates, accessories, swimwear, coats.
  • Brands sold at Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCPenny, Victoria Secret & more.
  • Liquidation and overstock inventory!
Relisting Service

Our goal is to provide cost-effective reseller boxes to help you keep on selling!

How it works

There are just five easy steps to follow for our Reseller Boxes:

  1. Browse our list of boxes in our Reseller Store
  2. Find a box you want and check the manifest to see all the items included
  3. Order the box, we ship it to you next working day
  4. Your box arrives! Now photo the items and get them listed on Poshmark.
  5. Get more sales!
Our boxes will be first-come-first-served, so to find out the pricing and get in on our first drop – leave us your email!

Join our waitlist now for when we launch!

Boxes by RA