A Poshmark Debate: Should You Use Stock Photos?

A Poshmark Debate: Should You Use Stock Photos?

To use stock photos or not to use stock photos. This is the question…Sometimes you want to make the listings in your closet shine. And the photos you take are just not cutting it as far as attracting attention. The question then of course becomes, do you go with stock images of the items listed, or is this considered taboo?

The issue of whether or not to go with a stock photo is a bit of a heated one on the Poshmark platform. On the one hand, a stock photo is of course not going to be a true to life depiction of the item you are trying to sell. On the flip side of that coin, you could by way of item description, clarify exactly how the stock image differs from your offering. In this article we dig deeper into this age old debate and look at both the pros and cons of using stock photos to enhance the overall appeal of your Poshmark closet.

A Poshmark Debate: Should You Use Stock Photos?

Pros of Using Stock Photos for Poshmark

They can make your clothing and accessories look more appealing

This goes without saying. Stock photos are of course taken by professionals with professional equipment, professional backgrounds and professional models. How can they not make certain pieces of clothing and various accessories look far more attractive than you can at home with just your smart phone?

According to many poshers, buyers are far more likely to stop on a stock image as this is a more appealing view of an item versus something simply lain flat on a kitchen table. If you do opt to go this route, you definitely want to point out any differences between your item and that seen in the stock image. Things such as faded spots or pulled threads for example need to be brought up in the description.

Stock images can show the various angles of an item

With a real live model showing off the clothing, the photographer is able to capture a number of different angles. This in turn gives buyers a better overall glimpse of what you are trying to sell, not to mention, the model is able to bring the piece to life.

Selling on Poshmark or any other platform is all about offering potential buyers a vicarious experience. In other words, you want them to be able to picture themselves wearing your item. A live model as seen in stock photos gets closer to how they might envision themselves looking in the article of clothing you are listing.

Using stock photos can save time

Versus having to find and set up the right lighting, having to position the clothing and then getting that perfect shot, locating and using a stock photo is a lot quicker. This in turn, gives you more time to focus on the other aspects of your Poshmark business.

Cons of Using Stock Photos for Poshmark

It is not a true to life depiction of what you are selling.

Unless you are in fact selling an item brand new or new without tags, a stock photo could be considered a bit deceptive. After all, the retailer showing the item is of course presenting one that has never been worn before—fresh off the shelf. It is therefore incumbent upon you to make sure that the user understands the difference. Point out any flaws in your description, and you will also probably want to go ahead and at least offer a snapshot or two of such flaws or of the general condition of the item in your closet.

The point here is that you definitely want to be as transparent as possible and make sure that fellow poshers understand that this is actually a stock photo and not a real life representation of your specific item.

You may need to get permission to use a stock photo.

The rules and regulations around using stock images from someone else’s site vary depending on the specifics of that site’s policy. Simply copying and pasting a picture of this nature without first getting permission could ultimately cause you a problem down the road. Prior to using anyone else’s images, you always want to be sure and read the fine print in order to figure out the best way to proceed.

Determining whether or not to use a stock image for a certain item or multiple items in your Poshmark closet is a decision you definitely want to think about. Remember that the Poshmark platform is largely about honesty, transparency and trust. If you do use a stock image, make absolute certain that other users are aware of this fact and give as much information as you can about the actual item you are selling.

Rounding up

Using stock photos on your Poshmark Closet carries a certain risk, as we have shown – however if your photography isn’t great and you are looking at getting more eyeballs on your Closet – it could be the way forward.

What is your preferred choice of photos for your Closet? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Instagram!

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